Every year I like to provide a little April Fool’s Day material for our Social Media channels and Intrant. It’s a fun challenge to come up with designs that ride the line between plausible and ridiculous. It can’t be so daft that it’s immediately obvious its not real, but also wants to be just odd enough that it raises an eyebrow.

The Eclipse Cross Hanzo

Design for a special edition of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Eclipse Cross Hanzo was a nod to Tarantino’s Kill Bill in both the name and colour scheme, which also felt like a good fit for Mitsubishi Motors as a brand. Unfortunately the Hanzo was deemed too appealing and we didn’t use if for fear of a negative response from people who loved it only to discover it wasn’t real.

Eclipse Cross Hanzo
A bold imagining of a Special Edition Eclipse Cross with two doors, lowered suspension and a striking yellow and black paint job.

The Shogun SWB Pickup

This tongue in cheek combination proved incredibly popular, with more than one Mitsubishi dealer jumping on the phone to be the first to order this non-existance hybrid of the classic Shogun 4×4 and the bed of a modern pickup truck.

The Pickup Truck (nicknamed the SP Phantom) took the short wheel base of a real Shogun, replacing the boot with the loadbed of an L200 and topping it off with some cool Sports bars on the back.

The L200 Triple Cab

Leaving the daftest until last, we have the L200 Triple Cab, a pickup truck crossed with a stretched limosine that would be a nightmare to park and make the truck completely unusable as the farmers/builders/adventurers dependable workhorse that it’s designed to be.

The L200 Triple cab is simply an elogated L200 Double Cab. In retrospect we should have made it even more ridiculous, perhaps with a second set of rear wheels.