A recent addition to the Mitsubishi Motors UK site is a set of pages designed to introduce a visitor to a type of car, likely people who have heard or read the word ‘suv’.

As such it was essential to make this highly readable, to feel conversational in the right kind of way as though someone you know is explaining it to you in plain English.

These pieces of content designed to educate need to have a feeling of narrative, so that they flow logically and take you through the subject in a way that hangs together. It’s easy to overload on facts, figures of terminology (a common occurance in the jargon laden world of automotive) and there’s a place for lists of key features, but these kinds of pages aren’t it.

The interesting part to work out is how best to weave the product narrative into one that starts deliberately brand-agnostic.

I find it best to talk about the subject in the words and let the imagery to do the brand building.

While I’m not a car person (I think we need to come up with an alternative to private car ownership) but I do like working with car photography. A lot of it passes you buy without you taking much notice but I love an image that conveys motion and drama for Mitsubishi work, as the cars are built to do a bit of dirty work and give you moment like this.

Take a look at the SUV Guide on the Mitsubishi Motors UK website.