I came up with an idea for an app that was something like My Fitness Pal for consumers. It would let you log everything you bought and ate, as well as where you travelled.

My Carbon Footprint app

My Carbon Footprint would be a way to keep track of how much of an impact you’re having on the planet as the basic interaction, but I see a huge amount of potential for what you could do with the information that comes back out again, when you start to look at different ways to use it and crucially, how to incentivise people to improve it.

If everything you do contributes to a score and you can compare it against every other user, you can of course give people the incentive of rank, but also show them what those people who have a lower impact score are doing, providing peer recommendations by success.

This could be supported by a wealth of article style content on different issues but also guides for how to bring your travel score down by changing your commutng habits.