Joanna Tubbs

Website and branding design

The brief

Joanna is an experienced writer and editor for magazines and has worked with some of the best-known names in the world of publishing, from the BBC to Egmont, and worked on household name brands from Disney to Lego to Minecraft.

She wanted a simple brochure website that oozed personality and showcased the wide range of work she has done using a visual style that evokes the colourful exuberance of children’s publishing.

What i did

Web Design

Branding and Logo

Hosting and Email


Joanna chose to open her site with artwork from her current role at Whizz Pop Bang, a science magazine for kids and I created this fully responsive, expressive header for the homepage using these wonderful illustrated characters.

Joanna Tubbs homepage

I created a couple of different grid-based galleries enabling a quick view of the breadth of Joanna’s work and the brands she has worked with. These were interspersed with quotes from colleagues and clients.

Joanna Tubbs homepage features

Other than that it was a case of keeping content and layouts clean and simple, using the colour scheme we established to provide clear visual signposting.

Joanna Tubbs about page

Joanna’s site was great fun to build and is proof that even a small website can burst with personality using good visual design.

Joanna Tubbs branding